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Sustainable & Ethical Fashion

Here at UPTOWN LOCAL we focus on more sustainable and ethical fashion.

With a rigorous checklist we pay particular attention to the where, how, what and who.

Where is it made? How is it made? How does it come packaged? What is it made from? Who made it, how much do they get paid, and what conditions do they work in?

We have highlighted our ETHICAL SUPERSTARS in our designers list.

It's all about the details...

Our gift wrapping is recycled, ethically sourced paper and made in Australia by Australian artist.

Our online orders are sent out in 100% compostable bags made by another awesome Australian business.

Our bags are made from recycled, unbleached paper. We also offer reusable cloth bags.

In store receipts and Gift Vouchers are emailed, saving a small forest over the years...seriously!

Our bespoke store fit-out is locally crafted, using quality new and vintage materials. Quality looks better, lasts longer, and doesn't end up in landfill.

Our industrial lights are upcycled and reconditioned into energy saving lights.

Our display cabinets are upcycled, reconditioned original 1950's medicine cabinets, purchased locally.